Putting Your Clients Wants and Needs First!

I just got off the telephone with Sid Duncan from MASSAGE Magazine. Great conversation. Thanks Sid! We were discussing our backgrounds and different methods to market different ideas. What the conversation (for me) really came down to is this: Putting ourselves, our wants and needs, on the back burner so to speak and really spending quality time focusing on our clients wants and needs, first.

It’s just simply amazing how each and every one of us have our own views and beliefs of what someone else needs. We may also be correct. Unfortunately, we’re still missing the point. What is it that the client truly wants?

That’s the question.

(Yes, proper client intake forms assist in this, but I’ve often found that what people write on the intake nuru massage hong kong form STILL isn’t what they want. Or, they just don’t know how to describe what it is they really want.)

In our evaluation we may determine that they need some deep tissue work here or there, some sciatica work, reflexology, etc., etc.

This will make them all better, right?


But that’s not what they want!

They may want a nice relaxing Swedish massage. They may not be ‘in the mood’ for deep tissue work at this time, regardless of how beneficial it may be. What’s the point I’m getting at?

Pay attention. Listen to your clients. Listen to their verbal language, their non-verbal language. What are they really saying? What do they really want? Here’s an idea: Ask them!

Spend five minutes with the client and have a discussion! What do the really want?? This isn’t an article on wants vs. needs, either.

It’s an article on awareness. How aware are you in regards to your client’s wants and needs? Which solution are THEY looking for you to provide, at that moment?

Now perhaps I’m a bit spoiled. I perform outcall massage only, and my schedule allows me more time to converse with clients (if their schedule permits.) Yet, many times I still see myself with my agenda, not the clients. I’m not paying attention. I’m not asking the right questions. I’m still stuck inside my own head as opposed to truly LISTENING to what they are telling me. Superior customer service is all in the details.

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