Atkins Verses The Zone

Once upon a time I lost weight and gained some muscle tone by following The Atkins Diet and working out when I was 19. I went from 200 to 160-170lbs, and despite that number being considered overweight by the BMI charts- I looked pretty fit. It was my first serious weight loss attempt and Y2mate felt effortless at the time.

After having a child and gaining back the weight, plus a lot more, I lost the ‘golden opportunity’: that ease and swiftness dieters experience the first time they attempt to lose. It’s a phenomenon I’ve heard other over weight folks ponder on message boards. I was never successful with Atkins again.

Though Atkins allowed me to eat yummy full fat dressing, bacon and cheese on my salads- I think my calorie packed fat intake was just too high to lose weight my second time around with the diet. Also, if I overindulged in the carbohydrate it took days to get back on track.

With the Zone I am just one meal away from being back on track. With Atkins there was no limit on portions, which may be OK for some dieters- but for the many that are overweight by overeating this may not suit their needs. There were also a lot of foods I wasn’t eating much of while following a low carbohydrate diet. Things like whole grains, much fruit and some vegetables are added back into the diet when you are closer to and maintaining your goal weight. With the Zone I work my meals around the fruits, vegetables. Now I aim to include a few servings of high quality whole grains in my daily diet.

Portion control is a big plus to The Zone Diet for me. I’m learning why one girlfriend used to get wide-eyed as she watched the glop of butter I would slathered around my bread. It was yummy but not worth the excess fat in retrospect. She knew it then and I know it now!

One key to a successful diet is that it’s more than just a gimmick; it’s adopting a new and sustainable lifestyle and habit of eating. The Zone is a good tool to learn how to eat a balanced portion controlled meal. I’m now learning moderation. I know I can chose between the one donut or 4 slices of Alvarado Fax Seed Sprouted Bread. The 4 slices will still be fewer carbohydrates but also will provide me with 12 grams of fiber and other nutrients to keep my body feeling well. Should I choose the donut or the bread? The choice is mine, and occasionally I may chose the donut; all things in moderation.

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